NOTE: this page is obsolete. I no longer maintain tla-buildpackage

tla-buildpackage is a set of tools for maintaining Debian packages using GNU arch (a.k.a. tla).

The Debian package description reads:

This package helps automate and ease the task of maintaining Debian packages by helping you, the Debian developer, take advantage of the unique features in tla/Arch. The programs included are:

tbp-initarchive: Initialize an archive and working directory for use with tla-buildpackage.

tbp-importdsc: Import an upstream version and a Debian version from a Debian source package, automatically detecting package and version information from the .dsc.

tbp-importorig: Import an upstream tar.gz or directory.

tbp-markdeb: Mark a working copy for future reference.

tla-buildpackage: Builds a Debian package based on information in the repository, checking out Debian and upstream versions as necessary.

Also, the package includes a comprehensive 24-page manual in PostScript and HTML versions.

tla-buildpackage was originally written by John Goerzen, but I have taken over maintenance.


You can obtain the official tla-buildpackage releases from Debian.

You can also obtain it from my tla repository:

tla register-archive [email protected][email protected]
tla get [email protected]/tla-buildpackage--mainline--1.0 tla-buildpackage


Bugs are tracked via the Debian BTS.