Shaded Buttons
v. 1.15

Shaded Buttons is a new window class I created as a replacement button class. Instead of a solid colour, it uses a gradient pattern: lighter at the top, and darker at the bottom. Shaded Buttons also supports icons in the buttons, as well as radio buttons, check boxes, and 3-state buttons.

I've received a couple e-mails asking if I could create a program to make Shaded Buttons the default button class. I don't know how to do this, but if someone out there knows, and is willing to do it (for free ;-) ), please let me know.

The complete documentation is here.

Some screen shots of Shaded Buttons in action:

NOTE: The v. 0.10 screen shots were taken from a Warp 3.0 system with NPSWPS 1.81 and some screen controls changed with NewWarp.
The v. 1.15 screen shots were taken from a Warp 4.0 system with PC/2 and CandyBarZ

Download Shaded Buttons

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