Hubert Y. Chathi (né Chan) Senior Software Developer

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Instant Messaging:
Matrix (preferred): @hubert:uhoreg.ca
Jabber (preferred): hubert@uhoreg.ca
Jabber: uhoreg@debian.org
Tox (no longer in use): 50A6B251E7B42A0B2FC8852D4B1E89BC2D71797F64B53E36A3F9365E381B8E6A9FFE72FC8756
Skype (rarely in use): uhoreg
MSN (no longer in use): hubert@uhoreg.ca
Yahoo (no longer in use): hubertchan
ICQ/AIM (no longer in use): 105148840
Social networking:
Fediverse (preferred): hubert@social.uhoreg.ca
Home (preferred, voicemail): +1-519-489-0286
Cell (rarely used): +1-519-502-2908

Some info about me:

[see also: my C.V.]

May 9, 1978
  • uhoreg[?]
  • hackerhue[?] (deprecated)
Research and professional interests: (in no particular order)
  • education (esp. math education)
  • algorithms, particularly graph algorithms
  • data structures
  • combinatorics
  • free/open-source software
  • security and privacy (incl. cryptography)
  • information visualization
  • object-oriented design
Non-research and unprofessional interests: (in no particular order)
  • Christianity
  • accessibility and usability
  • photography
  • biking
  • camping
  • music and sound
Goal in life:
To topple Bill Gates' empire. Failing that, to take over the world.
Other web pages/online accounts:
Pet Peeves:
  • Windows
  • pointless home pages that never get updated - like this one!
  • Microsoft
  • people who use “i.e.” when they mean “e.g.”
  • people who think that Windows is the best/only OS around
  • people who think they know a lot about computers but know less than I do
  • certain brain-dead programs/programmers that do things in the most
  • un-intuitive ways possible (including Windows, MS Office, etc.)
  • ugly design, such as in web pages, brochures, etc.
  • bloatware (eg. Windows)
  • web pages that pop up windows without warning
  • “8.3” filename limitations
  • bad grammar (esp. run-on sentences)
  • DOS memory management (thanks a lot, Mr. “640k should be enough for anyone”)
  • the <font> tag (esp. <font size=...>)
  • most HTML generators which create completely nonsensical code (eg. one that I saw generated ‘<font size="2"></font>’ with nothing in between the tags. Brilliant.)
  • spam (That is, junk e-mail. Though I'm not too fond of the so-called meat, either)
  • grammar checkers that flag good grammar as bad, and give even worse grammar as suggestions
  • programs/companies which claim to follow certain standards, but don't
  • JavaScript redirects. Guys, HTTP has its own redirection command that works perfectly fine, and is supported in any browser. JavaScript is not.
These are a few of my favourite things...(in no particular order)
  • my wonderful wife Amanda, of course
  • my beautiful children
  • Linux
  • emacs - is there anything it can't do?
  • the Dvorak keyboard layout
  • the TrackPoint
  • having the [Control] key where [Caps Lock] usually is on PC keyboards (although I know that drives others crazy, but who uses Caps Lock anyways?)
  • the Free Software Foundation and its GNU system.
  • Open Source
  • LaTeX (The document processing system. Not the material.)
  • tab filename completion - how did I ever live without it?
  • C++
  • 3-button mice (4 or more buttons is even nicer — you can never have too many buttons)
  • the Kinesis Contoured keyboard — it's expensive, but well worth it
  • virtual desktops