AlsaPlayer LIRC interface

ap-lirc allows one to control AlsaPlayer using a remote control through LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control).

It requires the lirc_client (found in LIRC 0.6 and later) library, XOSD (version 2.0 or higher), and compiling requires the AlsaPlayer header files (version 0.99.76 or higher). It has been tested with AlsaPlayer 0.99.76, lirc_client from LIRC 0.6.6, and XOSD 2.0.2.

Note: since I do not currently have a working LIRC setup, development on this project is currently stalled. If you encounter any problems, let me know, and I will do my best to maintain this, but new features will not be developed until further notice.


version 0.7.2

(June 8, 2005) Update to AlsaPlayer 0.99.76's new API (floats for volume and pan instead of int).

version 0.7.1

(February 24, 2003) Bug fixes. Embarrassingly stupid bugs.

version 0.7

(February 21, 2003) Added a preferences menu, a new file/playlist selector, and autoconf support by Andy Lo-A-Foe. Rearchitected the display interface, re-added the song position display. And it now compiles with gcc 3.2. The plugin is now called aplirc, rather than plain lirc.

version 0.6

(November 24, 2002) Now, with 100% more frobbing! Playlist frobbing is now enabled. The interface is a bit (just a bit) unintuitive, though. I hope to get that fixed by the next release. This release also features popup displays for the volume/pan/speed sliders, and more displayed song info.

version 0.5

(November 10, 2002) Has it really been that long? This release adds an XOSD display, displaying the current song, song position, and playlist.

version 0.4

(October 8, 2002) Doesn't use libalsaplayer any more. It is now an interface plugin.

version 0.3

(date unknown) More features

version 0.2

(June 22, 2002) Mainly just support for more features


I'm too lazy to release binaries. (Plus, binaries would probably be volatile at this point due to the C++ ABI changes in GCC.) Some day, binaries will appear. Until then, use the source.

ap-lirc before version 0.4 also requires libalsaplayer.


(v. 0.5) The main display, on top of Gabber and a GNOME panel.