Weather bot

NOTE: parts of this page describe the Python version of the bot. The Python version is no longer being worked on, and is replaced by the Prosody module.

Use Jabber to get local weather conditions and forecasts. Currently, it supports fetching weather data from:

It should be easy to write your own fetchers to use other weather sources.

Requires xmpppy and feedparser.

Set jid, server, port, password, and spooldir in the configuration file. spooldir must be a directory writable by the bot. In the configuration file, add a section for each JID and resource that you want. The section should be named <name>/<resource>, where <name> is the part of the JID before the @ sign.


[to come]

Running Bots

Let me know if you are running this bot.

city JID weather source(s)
Edmonton, AB, CA The Weather Network
Hamilton, ON, CA The Weather Network
Vancouver, BC, CA The Weather Network
Waterloo, ON, CA Weather Underground, Yahoo! Weather, The Weather Network, University of Waterloo

Source Code

You can obtain the source code via git:

git clone

or browse the git repository.

Or you con download, and a sample configuration file.


weatherbot is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2 or later.