Work setup

General work environment

As a start, all my computers (where possible), run Debian GNU/Linux, generally stable plus certain packages updated to testing, sid, or (if necessary) experimental.

For my desktop, I'm running xmonad as my window manager, with the XFCE panel. With xmonad, I have four workspaces for specific types of applications (emacs, terminals, web, and email), and eight more workspaces for general tasks. Most of the workspaces are using the Tabbed layout by default, with some alternative layouts available, such as float and compare2 = (magnifiercz' 2 $ TwoPane delta (2/3)). The one notable exception is the emacs workspace, which uses (speedbar ((named "Devel" $ limitWindows 3 $ magnifiercz' 1.4 $ devel) ||| myTabbed), where speedbar is an IM layout to display the speedbar (when I use it) on the side. That is, it displays the master window on the top, and up to two other windows underneath, with the two other windows expanding when they are focused.

I am using the Dvorak keyboard layout, with CapsLock remapped to Ctrl (setxkbmap -option "ctrl:nocaps"). Simultaneously pushing both Shift keys toggles Caps Lock (setxkbmap -option "shift:both_capslock").

At my desk, I use a Kinesis Essential keyboard and a Logitech TrackMan Wheel.


Most of my work is done in emacs, so I have a whole section dedicated to it. In fact, I run two separate instances of emacs: one for general work, and the other dedicated to Gnus for reading mail.

The main emacs packages and modes that I use regularly are (FIXME: add links):


I typically have at least four terminal windows open. Sometimes more, but I generally start with four. None of the terminals has a dedicated purpose

I use urxvt as my terminal emulator.

Web browsing

I use Firefox for most of my web browsing.

to be continued...